How to Get a Bigger Bum Mini Exercise Workouts

Discover how to get a bigger bum with exercise for buttocks! Exercise can be fun, and quick short bursts will help maintain your level of motivation at a real high.

how to get a bigger bum mini workouts



You came here to find out how to get a bigger bum. Exercise for buttocks are a great way to help you with this.  Keep them short and you won’t get bored!  There are lots of ideas here, so try them all and see which ones you like best.

You could try to include some of the shorter buttocks exercise to fit into your buttocks workout regime, whether that is at home or in the stretching area at your local gym.  As you learn the buttocks exercise and perfect the techniques, you will be able to include some of them whilst going about your daily routine at home. For example, I always do some reverse kicks and some curtsey lunges whilst I’m cleaning my teeth – and even when I’m standing at the sink in the kitchen if I have some washing up to do.  You can learn how to do curtsey lunges in the next video.

There are a variety of simple ‘how to get a bigger bum’ mini exercise workouts in this video, and you don’t have to do all of the buttock exercises at once.  Just take one or two at a time and try to fit them in throughout your morning or daily routine.


If you want to, you could spend 20 minutes or so, in the mornings, doing some or all of these great buttocks exercise.   Just build on your routine, add a few more each time you do them and before no time, you’ll know your regime, how long it lasts and whether or not you have time to fit it into your day.





The next video is a great four minute cardio blast workout to burn fat.  You could do this quick workout every other day or at the beginning and end of your exercise routine, if you want to take a blast at burning the fat.

Enjoy these ‘how to get a bigger bum’ mini exercise workouts and take time to introduce the buttock exercise into your buttocks workout. That way, you won’t get bored and your butt won’t get too used to the exercises in your routine. You could develop a couple of routines and alternate them each time.

For some more buttocks exercises, see ‘How to Get a Bigger Bum in the Gym‘ and ‘How to Get a Bigger Bum by Exercising Outdoors‘.

Here’s to your new regime of varied buttock exercise routines, and to your butt getting bigger real soon!

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