Bulgarian Split Squats – The Best Buttock Exercise

Bulgarian Split Squats – The Best Buttock Exercise


With a steady growing awareness about good looks and increasing fascination with beauty and physical shape, more and more women nowadays are aspiring to change the way they look through diet and exercise.  And many many women want to know how to get a bigger bum.

To change the size of your bum is not difficult, and the very best buttock exercise that can help you in your quest to make it bigger, has to be the Bulgarian Split Squats.

The short video shown above, can show you exactly how to perfect the technique for this exercise and it is important to get it right the first time so that you don’t pick up bad habits, and ultimately make the work you do, ineffective.

Bulgarian Split Squats TechniqueBulgarian Split Squat - the Best Buttock Exercise

The Bulgarian split squat can be performed on either a bench, a chair or a stability ball, but if you use a ball you may well need either support or help to position yourself at the start.

  • Start by standing upright with a bench or a ball close behind you.
  • Place one leg back onto the bench or ball.
  • Lower yourself, ensuring that your knee extends no further forward than your toes.
  • When using the ball, it should roll backwards slightly as you lower yourself, but you should try to remain balanced throughout.
  • Return to start position.


Repeat this exercise between 12 – 15 times on each leg, working up to doing 3 sets in total.

Also, always remember however, that it is really important to eat a healthy and balanced diet including lots of lean protein for muscle growth.

Try to do the Bulgarian split squats routine between two and three times each week because it really is the best buttock exercise to get a bigger bum.

For the basic squat however, follow the technique shown in the video below:


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